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segunda-feira, setembro 20, 2010

Texto - Inglês Instrumental (Vestibular Covest - 2009)

Gentle Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is murder on turkeys
…But it doesn’t have to be!
Turkeys are too neat to eat
Turkeys are intelligent, inquisitive and social animals. Yet, many people do not think to turn their compassion towards them. Turkeys are flock birds that can fly up to 50mph, and even swim if necessary. As mothers, turkeys are among the most protective in the world and their young remain under their care for up to five months.
The farm is no treat for those you eat
Each year about 300 million turkeys are killed for food. Like other animals raised for food, turkeys are severely confined, mutilated and slaughtered. Turkeys are reared motherless on factory farms. They are forcefully inseminated, crowded in small cages, and injected with growth-promoting antibiotics. Even “free-range” turkeys endure a horrific slaughterhouse end.
There’s plenty to eat without eating meat
Thanksgiving is a celebration of life. We ask you to take the death out of dinner and make this Thanksgiving a Gentle Thanksgiving. Share the joy and plenty of healthy breads, stuffings, vegetables, fruits and desserts.
We also recommend meat-alternatives such as Tofurky ( or Field Roast ( These meat-alternatives help make compassionate, delicious meals!
Contact us for a Free Veg Starter Kit – 888-FARM-USA
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sexta-feira, setembro 03, 2010

Answers for the audio exercise

1. What's Tom's new job?
Answer: C - salesperson.

2. Where does Tom work?
Answer: A - at a company.

3. When will Tom start working?
Answer: B - tomorrow.
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